WORLD History

Sale quantity:155 units Beginning:


The beginning and improvement of combine harvesters.

Sale quantity:6050 units Development period:


The combine harvesters replaced the labor and its effciency is equivalent to the workload of 15 or 20 workers

Sale quantity:27000 units Upgrade period:


Effciency and reliability of the machine is improved and its effciency is equivalent to the workload of 30-45 workers.

Sale quantity:49300 units Big leap period:


Company achieves technological transformation successfully,machine's effciency is equivalent to the workload of 55-60 workers. It adopts international advanced processing equipment and technology to improve its performance and operation comfort. It is called"Efficient Cleaning Expert" by customers.

Sale quantity:157000 units Front-runner period:


Effcient of mechanized work is equivalent to the workload of 75-90 workers. Man-machine engineering is widely used in the production. Therefore, its fuel consumpuion is more economical, partial intelligent control comes true. World brand machine's performance continues to lead the market and the sales quantity is in leading position in these 5 years. World Group has been one of the top-notch combine harvester manufacturers.